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Front graphic of a tipper truck

Tipper Truck Hire

Our Kenworth 10m tipper truck with steel bin will handle all your hauling needs!

Feel confident with a competitive rate, while supporting local business.

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Multiple Tipper Trucks

Need more trucks? We can help!

We have a network of reliable drivers with their own trucks, ready to support you.

Our Services

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Waste Haulage

Need to get rid of construction waste?

We have the solution with our Kenworth dump truck. Fitted with a steel bin, it can handle the harshest of materials to keep your job site clear of debris.

graphic of a tipper truck tipping its bin


Need to get your material on site from the quarry?

We have you covered to make sure you have everything you need, when you need it, to keep your job running on schedule.

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Working on the yard, and need to deliver, or remove material?

We have you covered for your hauling needs!

Need Materials?

We have you covered with easy no fuss delivery!

Pebbles, Rock & Gravel

Mulch, Bark & Chips

Soils, Manure & Compost

Dust, Sand & Concrete Blend

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About MMR Haulage

Australian-owned and operated, MMR haulage offers reliable and trustworthy import and export haulage within the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. As a small business owner, we thrive on the community-driven decision to source local business.

MMR Haulage is a sole-operator small business. But, just being a single operator business was not enough for ‘Matty’, the owner and operator of MMR Haulage pty ltd.

We believe in a ‘Fair Go’ as the Australian right. And with this belief, we are working to create a better go for the haulers and contractors we connect. When local businesses are able to work with larger contractors directly, this will immediately end up in a better solution for both involved. Not to mention the satisfaction that you have supported a local small business; giving back to the community.

As a part of this philosophy we have created a network of local haulers to which we can source, share, and support your needs for hauling throughout the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area.

We put our reputation to the drivers that we source, making sure that only the most reliable and hardworking drivers are supplied to your job.

Kenworth badge in a tipper truck in sunshine coast
Kenworth tipper truck parked in driveway in sunshine coast queensland

We know that being a good driver is only part of the equation, and you also need a good machine to help do the job.

That’s why we trust in only the best at MMR Haulage. Our Kenworth 10-meter steel bin truck is just as reliable as her driver. So, you can be rest assured that they will get the job done, returning every trip with no issues.

So, no matter how small or big the job is, Matty is keen to have a chat about what you need, so we can offer a solution for you to get the job done!


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Our Work

white Kenworth tipper truck in sunshine coast queensland loaded by CAT digger at a construction site
Kenworth tipper truck in sunshine coast queensland being filled with construction soil waste by a digger for hauling.
photo of white Kenworth tipper truck in queensland  at night with lights on hauling soil waste
white Kenworth tipper truck in moreton bay queensland being loaded at construction site with soil
Rear view of a kenworth tipper truck in Moreton Bay Queensland being loaded with soil waste from construction site by trencher
Photo in sunshine coast queensland of a Kenworth tipper truck with Kenworth brand and 10 meter steel bin binwbin
white Kenworth tipper truck in moreton bay being loaded at a civil construction work site by yellow digger
white Kenworth tipper truck in brisbane queensland parked at commercial construction site being loaded with soil for removal
white Kenworth tipper truck with grey steel bin driving on the highway in sunshine coast queensland

Import & Export Haulage

Waste removal


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