Tipper Truck Hire


MMR Haulage is a wet hire tipper truck service based in the Moreton Bay area. Servicing areas from Brisbane to the top of the Sunshine Coast and all areas in between. Check out our interactive service area map on our home page to confirm your location in our service area, or give us a call for a chat – 0477 677 408

MMR Haulage is quickly gaining recognition in the coastal region of Queensland as a reputable brand. We arrive on time, fully licenced, qualified, and insured, ready to go the extra mile.

Whether you have a domestic or commercial job, we are ready to help out and keep your project running smoothly.

We move mountains…

Check Our Service Area For Your Location

  • Soil Removal
  • Clean Fill Delivery
  • Earthmoving
  • DIY Garden Materials
  • Council Tenders
  • Civil Construction
  • Pick up & Delivery
  • Construction Waste 
  • Landscaping Supplies
  • General Construction
  • DIY Renovations
  • Building Supplies
  • Haulage
  • Material Sourcing
  • Construction Supplies
  • Dump Truck Hire
Timely delivery, every time
Material sourcing at competitive rates
Flexible schedules for your convenience
Experienced, trustworthy professional drivers
Reliable and efficient haulage

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'wet' mean in the example: Wet Hire Tipper Truck Service?

A ‘wet’ hire just means that the hire will come with an operator/driver as part of the service. (In this instance, a driver)

What can be put in a steel tipper bin?

Being made of steel, the bin on the truck is capable of carrying all kinds of material.

  • Sand & Gravel
  • Construction Waste
  • Domestic or Commercial Demolition Waste
  • General Waste
  • Barks & Mulch
  • Green Waste Removal
  • If you are not too sure about if your material fits into the above, just give us a call! We’d be glad to hear from you and help you with your questions – 0477 677 408
How can I tell if you service my area?

The MMR Haulage tipper truck hire service is available from Brisbane, through to the north of the Sunshine Coast, and all in between.

We are located conveniently in the Moreton Bay region, which gives us a broad scope to provide our tipper truck hire service to many areas withing the east coast of Queensland.

If you want to confirm if you are within the MMR Haulage service area, be sure to check out the interactive service area map on the home page and find your location.

Alternatively, feel free to give us a call and we can put your mind at ease right now – 0477 677 408

Do I have to hire the truck for a whole day?

No, but we do require a minimum of a 4hr hire.

Do you dig and fill the tipper truck as part of the service?

No, we only provide the tipper truck and driver.

Although! If you are finding it hard to find excavation contractors, we may be able to refer you on to someone.

Do you do small tipper truck jobs?

We do them all, big or small. From tendered council contracts to just someone wanting to get rid of some dirt or waste from their house.

We’d be happy to hear from you if you are not too sure, and want to confirm anything – 0477 677 408

Do you do larger scale tipper truck tender jobs?

Yes, we do tenders for projects. So, definately contact us so we can put in our bid!

Whether they are smaller tenders, and just require the use of the one MMR Haulage truck, or larger and require the sourcing of extra trucks from our network, we will be able to bid with a competitive rate.

Have a look at our Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Tipper Network page for some more information, or call us on – 0477 677 408

Do you charge by the tonnage, or hour?

We do both, this will depend on the job and is something we’ll discuss before giving you a quote. Or, you can let us know which is your preferred option if you contact us via the form on our homepage.

MMR Haulage Servicing Queensland

Servicing the beautiful Sunshine Coast and Brisbane regions, MMR Haulage is your friendly and reliable tipper truck hire solution. We specialise in getting your project completed efficiently, offering competitive rates and top-notch customer service.