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Tipper Truck Hire & Bulk Haulage

All you need to worry about is what & when. We’ll do the rest!

We Source & Deliver

Just choose the material you want, when you want it, then we’ll deliver it straight to your door, no fuss!


Whether it’s polished pebbles for a pathway, gravel for a new drive way, or river rock to provide the perfect drainage, we have a wide selection of bulk material to make your project.


We offer a selection of decorative and functional mulches to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and add a touch of style to your landscaping. Choose from classic shredded cypress mulch, long-lasting pine bark nuggets, or eye-catching wood chips in various colors.


Give your garden the boost it deserves with our convenient delivery service for all your soil needs! We can deliver a diverse range of nutrient-rich products to revitalize your flower beds and veggie patches.


From creating a sandpit for the kids to a tiler mix for your home renovation, we have sand ready for your project. Or, if it is compact material you need, our truck is ready to deliver the crusher dust you need!

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Why should you choose MMR Haulage for your haulage needs?

Well, we’re committed to making sure you’re always satisfied with our service. We’re known for our on-time deliveries and pick-ups, and our rates are highly competitive. We’ve got a flexible schedule that works around your needs, and our drivers are reliable and professional. We believe in being reliable, efficient, and cost-effective – that’s the MMR Haulage way. So, if you’re in Buderim, QLD and need haulage services, we’re here to serve you. You can count on us, we’ve got your haulage needs covered.

Construction Waste Removal for Buderim

Fully licensed and Qualified

Landscaping Supplies in Buderim

We’ll pick up & deliver the materials you want!

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Materials for Bulk Delivery

Mulch, Bark & Chippings

Pebbles, Rock & Gravel

Soils, Manure & Compost

Dust, Sand & Concrete Blend

Haulage Solutions for Moving Large Materials

Transporting large, heavy materials can be a challenging task. We grasp the complexities that come with it – from the logistical challenges to guaranteeing the on-time delivery of your goods. As a tipper truck hire business, we’ve got the right equipment and reliable drivers to make sure your haulage needs are met seamlessly.

Our team of professionals are well-versed in handling a myriad of materials. Whether it’s gravel for a construction site, topsoil for a landscaping project, or bulky waste for disposal, we’ve got it covered. Our tipper trucks are designed to carry heavy loads effectively. They’re maintained to the highest standards to guarantee they’re always ready for the job. With our reliable drivers at the helm, you can be confident that your materials will be transported securely and efficiently.

Safety is paramount in our line of work, and we don’t take it lightly. We ensure that all loads are secured properly, and our drivers practice safe driving habits at all times. We’re also committed to delivering your materials on schedule. Our drivers are familiar with the roads and know how to navigate through heavy traffic or challenging weather conditions. Despite these potential obstacles, we proudly serve Buderim, QLD, ensuring that your materials arrive at their destination in a timely manner. Trust us to handle your haulage needs with precision and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you mean by 'Haulage'?

When we say ‘Haulage’, we’re referring to the business of transporting building and landscaping supplies by road. This includes the transportation of construction materials, waste, and more. Our tipper trucks are specifically designed for these types of tasks.

What are your rates for tipper truck hire?

Our rates are quite competitive. They vary depending on the type and volume of material to be transported, the distance, and the duration of the hire. We’re more than happy to provide a quote once we have all the details.

How flexible is your schedule?

We recognise that our clients have varying needs and we aim to accommodate them as best as we can. Our schedule is pretty flexible. However, we do appreciate as much notice as possible to ensure we can meet your specific requirements.

How do you guarantee on-time delivery and pick-up?

We’ve got a robust system in place and reliable drivers to make sure we’re always on time. We carefully plan our routes and schedules to avoid any delays. If unforeseen circumstances arise, we’ll always keep you informed and work diligently to resolve the issue.